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By abeaglel23907961, Feb 4 2016 03:26PM

Welcome to our new website. I hope you enjoy your visit and if we can answer any questions, please contact us. Thank you and have a good day!!

May 5 2016 03:54PM by James

Hi, I am a greenhorn trying to resurrect/save my family's farm that goes back to 1896.
I bought your 14" single bottom plow w/coulter. I am matching it up with a Kubota L3901 hst (37.5 gross HP/30.6 PTO HP).
I am trying to convert horse pasture to three 150' x 50' garden plots. I also have a King Kutter II rotary tiller to further chew it up the sod following the bottom plow.
Do you think I am properly matched up with horse power for your plow? Am I on the right track for dealing with virgin sod by plow/tiller? Is there any advice for setup and use. I figure I'll be following my first furlough with the right tires?
Your time and advice is greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

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